Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Progress Is Happening

Yeah!!!  We came home today to the pool being set up and filling.  This is a picture from Ivy's room window.  Sorry about the screen!

You picture in your mind what it is going to look like but nothing like seeing it "live."

This weekend is suppose to be in the 90's so we will get some good heating time in!  We sure cannot wait to use it!!!


China Dreams said...

Hard to believe it will be in the 90s! What a crazy year it has been for weather already.

Anonymous said...

Your family will have so much fun, Sherry.:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,

We took Anna to Wildwood Park on Wed. to play and we think we saw Katie and maybe Ivy trotting across the lawn to the playground with their classes:) Their schools bus was in the parking lot.

Couldn't find your email address to write you this and don't know if you want your children's whereabouts on your bloggy. This way you can view first at least. Hope that's ok:)

Have a nice weekend.