Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Today The Littles began swimming lessons!

They were pretty pumped to go to their lesson!

Here they are in anticipation of their lesson!

The excitement may be wearing off as they wait to get in the water!

Oh boy,

Here we go!

Wow, that water is wet!

Mom, You said this would be fun!  What happened!

The teacher is telling Fayth, "You can do it!"

You too Nini!


Big Girl!!!

You did it!!!

They both did very, very well!!!  Now let's see if I can get them in the water next week!


MC said...

They will enjoy it much more if they have goggles! Goggles made a big difference for my kids. It turned them from hesitant and negative to happy and eager.

Aus said...

Yeah - we'll start them again soon too...always happy to get there - but then hate it while it's going on - got to love kids!!

hugs - aus and co.