Friday, May 18, 2012

Track and Field Track

 Today Mya, Maylin, Ivy and Katy had track and field day at school.  I was able to be there for part of the day and so enjoyed watching them do their activities.

The Cheerleaders!

Mya giving it her all!

Mya throwing the frisbee. 
 Out of 11 events, Mya took home 10 ribbons for placing!

Go Maylin!

Maylin running!
Out of 11 events, Maylin took home 5 ribbons for placing!

Ivy just threw the frisbee!

Three legged race!
Out of 11 events, Ivy took home 2 ribbons for placing!

Go Katy, Go!!!

Out of 11 events, Katy took home 1 ribbon! 

The girls had so much fun!!!

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