Tuesday, July 10, 2012

God's Promise

It rained last evening and when it was done, we discovered this:

God's promise that he would never flood the earth again!

A beautiful rainbow!

Aneyah had several dental procedures today.  She has to be put out for them so it is a little more involved than just "going to the dentist."  She has another appointment in 2 weeks and depending what they get done in that visit, she may have one more appointment.  She is doing really well with this all and we sure praise God for that!

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Aus said...

I'm not afraid of much - but the dentist is one of those things. I still go as scheduled - but I dread it and it's an exhausting act of will to just sit there while they do their thing. Putting me out might be a much better idea!!

Hope she's feeling good today!

We had the coolest rainbow the other day - didn't have a camera - but there were some high thin clouds on a sunny day and the rainbow was a complete circle around the sun! Noticed it in the reflection off a car window - and it was super cool!

hugs - aus and co.