Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Fayth!

Today, Fayth turned four years old.  Last year, we were two weeks from missing her birthday in China.  I am glad though that she got to spend her birthday with her foster mom who cherished her so much!  I am very happy to celebrate her birthday with her this year!  She was so excited and had been asking for weeks when was her birthday day was.  Today, I could finally tell her, today is the day!  She grinned from ear to ear!!  She chose a Dora themed party because she LOVES Dora!!


holly:) said...

Looks like Little Fayth had fun party with lots of friends and family! Happy 4th Birthday, Fayth!:)


Aus said...

Happy Birthday Fayth - glad you could have your day!!

hugs - aus and co.