Sunday, July 1, 2012

Long Time Friends

In 2000, we traveled to China with three other families in our travel group to adopt our daughters.  We have stayed in touch very closely with one family and have a friendship that is like family.  They arrived today from Texas to spend some time with us.

Here are Mya and Hannah together!  They last saw each other 4 years ago but keep in touch on a regular basis through Skype, texting and e-mail!

They sure did enjoy the pool today!  It was a hot perfect pool day!

Here is the whole clan!  Hannah has a sister from China too so with our 6 girls and Hannah and Emma, we had a house full of beautiful girls!  It should be a fun week!

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Aus said...

So very cool - hope that you guys have a wonderful visit!!

hugs - aus and co.