Saturday, July 21, 2012

More, Really? (Long)

Yes, really!  I have tried to tell myself for two days that I was not going to do this post but it seems God has other ideas.  I keep being prompted to write it so here I go.

I am sure I have some of you saying Why?, some scratching your heads and some saying, This woman is crazy.  That's all ok.  It won't be the first time in my life I have left people thinking this way.  So first, I am going to share a few things about me.

I had a GREAT childhood!  I come from a loving Christian home where I was taught, don't be afraid to challenge the answer no, don't be afraid to try and when you fall off the horse, don't run the other way but instead, get back on and ride away.  I was also raised to give life all you got.  I have tons of energy (I do tire from time to time) and huge determination.  God did not put me here so at the end of journey I could be beautifully put together without a scuff, perfect makeup and well refreshed.  He put me here to make a difference.  I hope to slide in at the end of my journey with hair all messed up, makeup wore off, clothes stained and tattered and as tired as all get out because I gave life ALL I had.

So, with that in mind, here is a little about Brusselsprout and I.  We are a middle class family that God blesses every day.  We have food on our table, bills are paid, a roof over our heads, lots of love in our hearts and precious children to raise.

When I see the face of an orphan child, I don't just see a face, I see a priceless child.  I see a child that needs a Daddy, Mommy, and Sisters.  I see someone that needs to be loved, encouraged, have her own toys, her own place to call home, a future with hope, and someone to tuck her in at night and say, "I love you!" The moment that each one of my daughters finally let themselves melt into my arms because they trusted me as their mom are moments I NEVER hope to forget.  Every child needs to have a family and trust in a Mommy and Daddy.

Based on what I have told you about my personality, my life with Brusselsprout and my love for the orphans of the world, does it now make sense that I would want more.  God has given me sooo much and every life I can change by sharing his blessings is a life I have given hope.  Steven Curtis Chapman says it best in one of his songs, "Changing the world one little heart beat at a time!"

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