Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Garden

We have a small garden filled with a few different kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers and pickles.  It may be small but it sure does bring us some yummy goodness.  Nothing like a tomato sandwich or salted cucumbers!

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Aus said...

Well good morning!

Love the garden - we have one going as well - but that's a "Marie thing" - I tend to kill plants by looking at them! ;)

And great work with the Nikon - love a good bit of glass and you have a great eye - better than mine!

But most importantly - given the third post (and wow - miss a minute around here and you miss a lot!) - yeah - you are crazy - so is your DH...but your view of life is spot on - we're sliding into home all spent too - all be it we're a tad older than you! But reading between the lines - might I simply say I think that this word is in order -


hugs - aus and co.