Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Katy!

In the province of  Jilin, in the city of Changchuan, country of China, a little girl that was two years and 3 months old was placed with her forever family on August 6, 2007.  She was very, very frightened! As the days went by, she began to trust us more and more!  Today, Katy has such a beautiful smile and a heart to please. 

Today was Katy's 5th Gotcha Day so as part of her gift she received her charm bracelet with the charm of China on it.  Each year now we will add a charm!

Also, the night before Katy's Gotcha Day, she learned to balance and ride her bike.  She had been working on this for a while.  Katy, we are so proud of you!


Rita and John said...

Wow, that's a huge accomplishment on her bicycle! Congratulations, Katy! And happy Gotcha Day!

dhm78 said...

Happy Gotcha Day,Katy!! Congratulations on riding your bike! What a great accomplishment:)

dhm78 said...

That was me up above, Sherry. Forgot to sign my name.