Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yesterday until about 1:00 it poured rain.  I do mean poured!!  I was thinking that Mya may not have a game to cheer at after all.  Well the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  She cheered her game and her team won!  Yeah Patriots!!!

With this look Mya is saying to me "Really Mom, do you have to take all those pictures?"  Of course my answer would be, "Yes, I really do!"  I have to chuckle because I remember giving a look like this to my Mom from time to time!

Mya and our WONDERFUL summer sitter Ciara!  We just adore her!

My precious cheerleading daughter!


Allie said...

Not trying to be rude, or sound rude. But why is her cheer uniform so long and cover-ish? I don't mean to sound rude, not at all. My school doesn't even have a cheer squad because they think it isn't modest for Adventists to cheer. But I was just wondering because I've never seen a cheer uniform like that. Most of them are short, cropped, one-shoulder long-sleeved shimmery tops, and short short skirts, or shorts.

For The Love of Four Chinasprouts said...

Hi Allie, Thanks for the question. Our daughter's attend a Christian School. The criteria for attending school as well as for after school programs is to be covered below the knee with no slits as well as to not wear sleeveless shirts and deep v-necks or rounded necks. It is just part of the policy so that is why Mya is covered so well to be a cheerleader!

dhm78 said...

From a cute little girl, to a pretty young lady! It hashed so fun to watch your girls grow, Sherry. Sure flies by quickly doesn't it? Enjoy every moment, as I'm sure you do.:)