Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Anticipated Birthday Party

Aneyah has been asking me for days, "Is today my party day?"  Finally today I could say, "Yes!"  She was so excited!
I made Aneyah an ice cream cake for her party!

The party included making a ladybug craft which

everyone really seemed to enjoy!

I am sure Aneyah will tell you the best part of the party were the gifts!

A pull string pinata was also part of the fun! 

I put premade goody bags in the pinata so everybody gets the same amount of candy!
We ended Aneyah's special day by going out to eat!  She has beamed from ear to ear all day!  You are such a sweet, sweet child Aneyah!


dhm78 said...

Wonderful memories for a special 5 year old! So special for Aneyah!:)

Rita and John said...

I've never seen a pull string pinata! What a beautiful party for a beautiful girl! So happy that Aneyah enjoyed her celebration!