Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Could You Do This?

Our Pastor told us a little story at church on Sunday that has had me thinking all week!  I am very verbal about how awesome, powerful, and "The Great I Am" I think God is.  But this story put more meaning to those words for me than ever.

Here's the story:  Every year a college professor would challenge his students about their faith.  He would hold out out a glass vase and ask if anyone had faith strong enough to believe their God could keep the vase from breaking as he dropped it on a tile floor.  Year afer year went by without any student accepting the challenge.  One year, a freshman stood up and said that he would take the challenge with his faith believing that God would keep the vase from breaking.

The day of his faith challenge came.  As the student prayed before the professor dropped the vase, the professor mocked the student saying things like, "Everyone quiet now while he talks to his God!"  The student ended his simple prayer and the professor proceeded to drop the glass vase.  As the vase began to fall, it moved off course hitting the professor's shoe and then sliding across the floor.  Did the vase break?  No!!!  The entire class began cheering wildly. 

So what does this mean to me????  I has to ask myself, if I were in that classroom would I take that challenge???  Even though I do believe my God is all power do I have strong enough faith to put it to the challenge.  I am really doing some "faith searching" and have honetly come to the conclusion that I have a lot of room to grow!!!  Where do you stand?

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