Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Mya!

Twelve years ago in the city of Hefei, province of Anhui, country of China, a little 8 1/2 month old An Qiuli was placed into our arms.  She did not shed a tear but wrinkled up her little forhead and looked us up and down over and over.  She was from the city of Bengbu but she was brought to the capital of the province which was Hefei.  She was our first daughter and such a good baby!  We were sooo blessed. 

Mya has grown into such a fine young lady with so much ambition!!!  She is in the 7th grade and will turn 13 in January.  She plays the piano, flute, baritone and is a cheerleader.  She also does very well in school!!!

Mya's special day gift!

Oh, what is it?  She received about 10 days ago a purse she wanted as part of her gift.

Ohhh, Bath and Body stuff!!

Her annual charm for her bracelet.

Yum-Yum a chocolate cake!

A girl and her best friend!

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dhm78 said...

Happy Gotcha, Forever Family Day to Mya! You are a Beautiful young lady!

God Bless you, Mya!