Friday, October 5, 2012

Ivy's Birthday Party With Friends

Yes, I am still among the living!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I have been in a funk and haven't felt like posting and really didn't feel creative enough to do a post.  I cannot by pass Ivy's Birthday though.

This Sunday Ivy will turn 9 years old.  I brought three of her favorite friends home with us from school to spend the night!  They were all very excited but I know Ivy topped the charts.  So far they have had a pizza dinner, chocolate chip cookie cake with ice cream and are now watching movies and eating popcorn!

On Sunday we will do family celebrating for Ivy's Birthday!  I will be sure to share that too!
Just a side note!  Grandpa and Grandma flew home Tuesday to North Dakota.  Thursday a snow storm moved in and they are still getting snow today!  I think they made it home in perfect time!

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dhm78 said...

Happy Birthday to, Ivy.:)

Hope you will soon be feeling more perky, Sherry. Probably didn't help when your parents visit came to an made some great memories with them to hold close!

Take care,