Monday, October 8, 2012

So What's Been Going On?

I will begin with last Monday and Fayth's eye appointment.  When Fayth came home from China, looking at her, the left eye dropped in the corner.  The reason for the eye dropping in the corner was she was exceptionally far sighted in that eye so the brain decided not to use the eye.  The other eye was a little over the far sighted that a three year old should be but not bad.  Glasses were prescribed for the last year. 
At Fayth's appointment last Monday, her extreme far sighted eye, has changed to being close to her other eye.  So, little correction is needed.  We had to change just the lense in the left eye.  What a miracle that is!  God is soo good in the work he can do through Doctors.
That same Monday afternoon, Aneyah had her annual 5 year check up.  It is no secret that Aneyah is small for her age.  She did grown 2 inches this last year.  Her Doctor ordered a bone density scan to check her age bone age.  Thursday AM I receive a call that Aneyah's results show she is  5 years old.  So as long as Aneyah continues to grow 2 inches each year, that will be great.  If not, we may have to visit growth hormone.  For now though, all is well!

Tuesday AM, Katy had a Welcome visit with a new Primary Care Physician.  We have been going to  her past Doctor for 4 years and have never seen a Doctor.  The Nurse Practitioners know nothing about spina bifida nor do they seem to want to learn more.  I decided that I am doing paying a Doctor bill to not ever see a Doctor and basically tell them what I think is going on with Katy.  Plus the office was getting pretty dirty.  So, we switched Doctors.
Oh my goodness do I LOVE Katy's new Doctor.  She was so excited to meet Katy and educate herself on spina bifida.  She spent 45 minutes with us just learning about Katy.  She was so pleasant and the office was sooo nice and clean.  I think this will be a good switch.

Now I am off with Maylin to her Orthodontist visit!  She has been watched for a couple of yers to see if braces will come in order one day.  I am anxious to see what will come out of this visit!  I will update you!!

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Such pretty fall colors! God is quite the artist!

Enjoy the outdoors with your Treasures, Sherry.:)