Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Angel and Shining Star

This evening "The Littles" each had their Christmas program.  They have been excited for days!

Fayth was our angel!

It is amazing to think that just one year and four short months ago, Fayth did not know any english!

She was just learning the love of a Mommy and Daddy and

discovering the beauty of sisters!

Now, Fayth is in a Pre-K 4 class at our local Christian school!

She sings, recites bible verses, and puts all her beautiful energy into it!

She loves us with such open, embracing love!!!  We are so blessed by our angel!

Aneyah was our shining star!

Boy did she shine!!!

She knew every word, every action and

sang loud and clear!

A year ago Aneyah struggled to get up on stage and participating was pretty nonexistant.

Our little star has found her light and she shines so brightly!

Our little Aneyah now has a bright smile that lights up a room and our hearts!!


dhm78 said...

Oh, my, Sherry!
Your little Treasures are just so precious! Isn't it so fun to watch them in their programs?
Anna just had her first ballet recital. She was a little mouse in the Nutcracker. Love to watch their excitement and confidience grow:)

Have a great week,

Aus said...

Love it - our "shows" are much later this year - but looking forward to them!

hugs - aus and co.

China Dreams said...

So adorable! Glad to see you are all well (even the dog) and hope you have a Merry Christmas!