Friday, December 28, 2012

Ice Skating

Today we went ice skating!  We had a blast!  Even I had a blast skating.  I will probably be very sore tomorrow but I sure enjoyed it!

Can you believe they make skates this little?

The Littles were up for the challenge!

Here we are excited to get to the skating!

The Littles started out with walkers but by the time we left, they were skating on their own!

Skating came so natural to Mya.  She was doing spins and even working on going backwards when we left!

Ivy was a great skater too!  She had just about mastered backwards by the time we left!

Maylin did very well on her skates!

Katy was down about as much as she was up but I give her credit for her determination!  She kept popping back up and taking off!

Aneyah gave up the walker before Fayth and boy was she proud!  Fayth gave up the walker just a little bit before we left and was so pleased that she could skate without it too!
We skated for 2 hours with smiles on all faces.  After skating, we had hot chocolate before heading home!  It was such a fun day!

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