Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Poor Rosie Roo....and Mya

Monday morning I dropped Rosie off at our local Vet's clinic to be spayed.

Brusselsprout picked up a pretty quiet Rosie Tuesday morning!

Mya was home sick both Monday and Tuesday.  She covered Rosie all up and made  her comfortable!
Mya started running a fever Friday night and kept on running until Monday late afternoon.  She had a few tummy issues too so I am guessing the flu has made an official visit to our home!  Sure hope the other girls don't get it!


Aus said...

So sorry about the 'sick' part - but I'll bet rosie is back to 100% already! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

dhm78 said...

Praying for Miss Mya to feel completely better and for Rosie to bounce back to her normal self soon!
Anna's kitten goes in for her surgery next week.

Take Care,