Saturday, December 15, 2012

Under The Weather

Poor Linnie (Maylin) came home from a sleep over last night and was not feeling well.

She had a headache, felt warm on the inside (she was cool to the touch), her tummy hurt and she felt like she could throw up!  Poor thing!
We were suppose to go to my friend's today to spend time with her and her daughter's.  I decided we needed to cancel our trip.  Fayth had also commented a couple of times her tummy hurt plus she has a cold.  Katy has a cold and Ivy has stuffy nose.  It just seemed like a good day to say home and do some recuperating!

Lunch consisted of a lot of the above.  A good tummy and cold healer!!!

1 comment:

dhm78 said...

Hoping your girls are up and back to feeling better quickly. It's so hard to see them down and sick.
Praying for your sweet daughters, Sherry.