Monday, March 18, 2013

So I Cheated

Working for a Jewish organization has given me a love for many things as a child I was unfamiliar with.  One of the things that I love is Matzo Ball Soup.  This evening I made it as part of our dinner.  I made it this way though.

Ok so I cheated!  None the less, it was delicious!

I like lighter, fluffy matzo balls.  I have listened well to instruction to achieve that and made sure I did not lift the lid while cooking!

The end result..... fluffy matzo balls and a delicious soup.  The girls LOVED it!!!  I will certainly be doing this again!

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Aus said...

Love it! There are a lot of outstanding traditions we can take from our Jewish family! (Let's not forget that Jesus was Jewish!!)

hugs - aus and co.