Sunday, April 7, 2013


Sorry for my absence!  As always, we are busy, busy, busy.  Friday night the older three girls each had a friend spend the night with Ivy having two friends.  I had 10 girls running around the house Friday afternoon to Saturday noon.  I loved every minute of it!  They were soooo good!

Saturday for dinner we made egg rolls from scratch.  It was not only fun but boy were they delicious.  We will certainly do that project again.

This morning I volunteered at church so between walking Rosie before church and getting everyone ready and out the door to church, my morning was gone.  This afternoon we went to the library which we always do to get books and movies for the week.

Last Tuesday we put our house on the market for sale again.  We hope this time to capture more of the spring market and hopefully sell.  We just need more space for this growing family.

Wednesday nights are my bible study and the refreshment to my week.  I just LOVE my bible study and the ladies I have come to know through it!

Thursday night is usually grocery store night and if bath night falls on that night, boy do I keep hopping.  Most nights I hop until I drop into bed and then am often too tired to blog post.  May allergies got me this week with the nicer weather and I was a bit under the weather too. I am feeling better now!

Below are pictures of the littles with their curled hair.  They love when I put rollers in after their bath and they sleep in them.  Their hair looks beautiful too!!!!

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Aus said...

Your place sounds a lot like mine!!

Still - worth every second -

hugs - aus and co.