Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Cannot See

Despite wearing these:
Mya says she is sitting in the second row and cannot see the blackboard.  Her eyes were checked and her prescription changed 8 months ago.  Despite that, in for an eye exam she went today.  The results, her prescription has changed and she needs new lenses.  At 13, there are a lot of changes that happen and eyes can be one of them.  She just got these glasses as well so I think we will just go for a lense change at this time! 
Tomorrow Katy goes for her Renal Bladder Ultrasound to determine what her future is for surgery or not. 
Larry has still be doctoring for whatever it is the colon doctor found and the gastro doctor found but noone knows what exactly they have found.  Even after the MRI last week, the gastro doctor still does not know what it is.  It has decreased in size  in the last couple of months.  His hemoglobin is great, he feels wonderful, his blood shows no sign of cancer and he is full of energy.  The decision was made to do another MRI in July and just watch it.  So, good new there.
Tomorrow is my bible study night so if you don't hear from me, you know why.  Love, love my bible study!

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Aus said...

Overall not bad - and glad to hear about Larry!

hugs - aus and co.