Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm At Home

I was raised in a smaller country church in North Dakota.  Looking back at my childhood, I think of church events with a very close, warm, loving feeling.  There were many of all ages involved and we somehow felt a little like family!  It was home!!!

Today for lunch, Mya, Maylin and I went to a luncheon at church.  I had invited Ivy too but she was in a "mood" (which is so rare for her) and she did not want to go!!!  Katy, Aneyah and Fayth went to the neighbors and had lots of fun making cookies and playing.

As I sat at the luncheon next to one of my dear bible study friends and her family (along with my own daughters), I got the same feeling I get when I think about the church events at home as a child.  For the first time since I left my home church (it is in North Dakota), I truly feel at home in another church.  I feel the love, the warmth, the feeling of belonging.  It is such a great feeling!

The girls and I at the luncheon!

Working on making our home look nice for spring!

Beautiful bud on the trees in our yard!  Soon they will yield pretty flowers!

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