Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Well, if I am being honest, today was not what we had hoped for on Memorial Day.  It rained, infact poured, most of the day and it was around 51 degrees.  Burr!!!  Before the down pour began and it was only sprinkling, I took Rosie for a walk and pulled "The Littles" in the wagon.  The Littles giggled the whole way and loved being in the sprinkles.  Rosie doesn't care about anything but walking and I was just focusing on pulling the wagon and walking Rosie at the same time!

The Littles on their wagon ride!

The big rain was not suppose to come in until after lunch.  You notice I say "suppose to."  With that thought in mind, Brusselsprout took the older four girls out fishing.  Ivy came down looking like this to fish.  She was just too cute not to photograph!  Of course they were rained out long before lunch!
Yesterday was a gorgeous day so I took the opportunity to plant all my flowers!  I just love that job!  The best part is how beautiful they all look once planted!

I did two planters like the one above!

Six boxes like the one above!

The great part is the rainy day does not define a special day like today!  It is nice on Memorial Day to have family picnics and spend time outside.  But the real reason for today is our freedom and our thankfulness to the present soldiers serving, those that have served and those that have given their lives for our freedom!  We are so grateful!  May you never feel taken for granted and know that what you have done for our country is ALWAYS appreciated!
Again, Happy Memorial Day!

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Aus said...

Same back at you - always good to remember!

hugs - aus and co.