Saturday, May 25, 2013

School Awards

The last day of school for grades first through sixth is awards day.  The highest award for each class is the Christian Character Award.  That means all year, every day of school, to teachers, classmates and other students, you have shown Christian qualities.  The second highest award is the Best All Around.  That means you are just the best at everything.  Then each subject has an award for the best person at that subject.  There is also perfect attendance, A honor roll and A/B honor roll.  It is a fun time and the kids sure enjoy receiving awards.

This year Ivy received the Christian Character Award, Best All Around, Perfect Attendance, A Honor roll and the best at recorder, language, and history.  Maylin received Christian Character Award, A Honor roll and best at language.  Katy received A/B Honor roll award.

We could not be more pleased with our daughters.  They work so hard at school and their work shows.  More importantly, their Christian values shine through.

Good work girls!  We love you!


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