Friday, June 21, 2013


We have had the coldest spring on record, I think.  We finally were able to get in our pool today.  It warmed up enough that we could enjoy being outside and in the pool!  We just love the pool!  It is such great family entertainment!

The pictures are of five of the six girls.  Mya came home from a week at camp later in the afternoon and I just did not capture her.  Maylin did a week of camp the first week of June.  They both had a fabulous time!

I am sorry folks that I am being forced to a new blog.  July 1st Google Reader is shutting down which will make it impossible to read by blogspot blog.  Many people I follow have moved over to Bloglovin too.  Aus, is it to post that you have to consent to terms of agreement?  Brusselsprout reads the new blog and has not had to consent to anything so I am curious!

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