Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is My Friend In There?

Yesterday morning the girls saw a furry face looking in the side window by our front door!

The neighbor's dog, Rosie's friend Champ, had escaped their backyard and came over and appeared to be looking for Rosie!

It was so cute!  If Rosie ever escapes out our front door, she always heads over to Champ's front door too.  We take turns from time to time letting the dogs play together in our backyards.  They truly are good friends!

Aneyah just loves Rosie!  Rosie is so gentle with The Littles!  She will play rough with the big girls but is always very gentle when playing with The Littles!
The above pictures are of Rosie after stealing a spoon from the kid's spoon game.  She steals but does very little destroying.  She usually just sets whatever it is down by her when she lays down and leaves it alone!

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