Sunday, July 21, 2013

What A Girl!!!

Three years ago an amazing young lady walked into our lives!  I had no idea how she would bless our family.  I had only hoped to have a sitter for the summer for my children.  Little did I know the relationship that would develop with this young lady nor did I know how much we would come to love her. 

Three years ago May, I interviewed Ciara  to take care of the girls for the summer.  Most girls would do a great job for the summer and then move on to something bigger and better the next year.  So each year, I had to look for a new sitter.  My girls (and I) just fell in love with Ciara that first summer and think she did with us too.  During the school year when she would come from college, she would stop by and visit us.  She would help also help me out at Christmas vacation.  This has gone on for three years and we have been sooo blessed.

Ciara's parent's raised an outstanding young lady!  She is a great role model to my girls, takes care of them as if they were her sisters and entertains them every day with such love and just plain fun!

This is Ciara's last summer with us as she is getting married August 24th and moving away.  We will MISS her so much!!!!  She is not far enough away that she cannot visit some but the daily summer blessings of her in our lives is coming to an end.  Her Fiance Brad is one of the luckiest people in our own opinion.  To know the love of Ciara is to truly be blessed!

We love you so much Ciara and want nothing but the best for you!  (Just don't forget us:)

Here are pictures from her bridal shower Saturday!

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Aus said...

Great couple updates - and prayers for Ciara to have a wonderfilled and happy life!

hugs - aus and co.