Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Wedding

What an amazing day!  It began at 9:30 a.m. with hair for Mya, Fayth and Aneyah.  While they had hair done, I had to run 20 minutes away and get Ivy who spent the night at a friend's house.  We all arrived home a little before 11:00.  Just enough time for me to put a little lunch on before we ran out the door at 11:50 to be at the church at 12:00.  Mya, Fayth and Aneyah needed to get into their dresses at the church for 12:30 pictures.  The wedding started at 3:00 and then more pictures a half an hour away at 5:00.  After those pictures it was off to the reception hall for more pictures and the reception.

It was a wonderful day!  Ciara could not have been more beautiful!  All the events went off perfect and it was a day that will be remember by my girls for a very long time!  We so love Ciara and Brad and look forward to their lives unfolding now together!

Mya's hair

The Little's hair

Looking pretty!

Handing out programs

Here come Mya

The Littles being so big

The pretty picture

The silly picture

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