Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Few "Household" Things

I am off work again for the celebration of Sukkot!  Since I am not Jewish, for me it means, time to catch up on my house.  I did one of those deep cleanings yesterday.  I felt so rewarded and the house looks great!  During the clean, I decided we needed a new bedroom comforter set.  So, here is what I bought.  I just love it!

I also took time to bake a cake and Ivy frosted it!  It sure was yummy as our dessert!
For dinner I made Bubble Up Pizza.  I made just a cheese for my cheese lovers only and a cheese and pepperoni!  It turned out really good!
This was before being baked!  Just imagine all that cheese baked!  Mmmmm good!

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Reena said...

Mmmm! Now I have to google bubble-up pizza!