Monday, January 6, 2014

Our Huge Winter Blast

Wow, oh wow, have we been hit with the snow and cold!  Until 2:00 today the only people that were to be on the roads were emergency personnel.  We all were hunkered down in the warmth of our home except for Mya, who went out once in a while to blow snow!

The pictures in the dark are from Sunday night.  The daylight pictures are during the day today (Monday).  The girls all ready do not have school tomorrow.  I am going into work no matter what since I am leaving for China on Friday, I have got to get things prepared!!!

This is Mya throwing a cup of water up into the air and it freezes instantly turning to snow and blowing away!

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dhm78 said...

Praying for safe and healthy travels for you, Sherry.

God Bless,