Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 Homecoming

Mya had a very busy day yesterday!  Before we began Christmas break, Mya was selected by her 8th grade class to be their representative for Homecoming!  We needed to find a dress and with the upcoming China trip, I was very busy!  Thanks to Ciara Martin, she took care of Mya and the dress issue.  Even though Ciara is married and has moved away, she still continues to come home and bless our lives.

Yesterday was Homecoming which began for Mya and I at noon.  A program in the auditorium was done to honor the Mother's of the Homecoming Court girls!  Mya gave me flowers and read a poem.  After the program, the Mother's and Daughter's went out to lunch.  It was sooo nice!

Before the Varsity game last night, the Homecoming Ceremony was done!  Larry walked Mya in the procession and they both looked soooo nice!  I could not have been more honored first for Mya to represent her class and then her Dad to walk her!  I am one blessed lady!

Here are pictures of the event:

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