Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Wild, Wacky Family

So, Tuesday we had our first post placement visit because our first report to China is due February 13th!  Our Social Worker arrived about 20 minutes late.  Larry had to leave to pick up Fayth from school and we had hoped that he would get at least 20 minutes with our Social Worker before he had to run out the door!  Well he was running out as she was running in! 

I went to pick up Brynn to have her meet our Social Worker and her diaper had leaked all over her pants and long tunic.  Now Brynn has never leaked since the day we met her.  So, I had to excuse myself to change Brynn.  With Brynn changed and our visit started, I thought all was well.  About 5 minutes into the visit, Brynn got her foot stuck in between two rungs on the kitchen chair.  Of all odds!!!!  She began freaking because she was stuck, I was trying to get her foot out, and our Social Worker was trying to help!  Thankgoodness this was a post placement visit and not a homestudy visit or she may have thought, "This family is too wacky!" 

With Brynn's foot unstuck, Larry and Fayth arrived home and our visit began again and all was well!!!  Whew!!!

Here is what we know so far from Brynn's blood work, urine and bowel test that we shared with our Social Worker.  Our pediatrician said that Brynn's blood work is some of the best she has seen on a child coming home from China.  Her titers test even showed immunity from some of her vaccinations in China.  We suspected she had the chicken pox due to a few scares and sure enough, she has.  She does have a UTI and Giardia.  Giardia is very common in children coming home from China.  None of our other children have had it so Brynn is our first.  She is being treated with an antibiotic for the UTI and Flagyl for the Giardia.  Both are 10 day treatments and then she will be retested to see if both meds did their jobs!

Here are pictures taken just before our Social Worker arrived:

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