Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day and Brynn's Daycare Experience

Today Brynn did a trial run at daycare.  Monday I go back to work and she begins daycare.  I was with her for about a half an hour and then left for about 45 minutes.  She did very well!  At first she was on my lap, then off my lap but leaning on me, stopped leaning, moved a bit away and then off playing.  While I was gone she did very well and when I came back was having a fun time!  Whew, I am glad that went well!  Below is a picture at daycare!

After the daycare experience, we picked up Fayth and went home for lunch.  At lunch, Brynn grabbed Fayth's hand and then said, "Mama" and held out her hand for me to hold!  To the tune of Happy Birthday, she sang in English, Happy Balentine Day to you!  We had been talking about Valentine's Day!  She sang the whole song while smiling and looking at me.  I almost lost it because it was so beautiful!  I just praise God every day for bringing this amazing child into my life!  I am sooo blessed to be called Mama by her!  Below are a couple of pictures of Brynn playing at home.  One is a bit blurry but still a good photo so I will share it!


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