Monday, March 17, 2014

Brynn's Urologist Visit

Today Brynn had her first Urologist visit!  My heart hoped for really good news but my head knew it may not be what I want.  I was pretty sure Brynn had another UTI.  That would be the third UTI since she came home.  Along with the ultrasound that showed she did not empty well and the possibility of another UTI, my head knew the news I wanted may not come. 

Yes, Brynn has sensation and yes Brynn could possibly be potty trained but if she cannot completely empty her bladder, which is due to spina bifida, then cathing is the only other option to completely empty the bladder. An empty bladder means the possibility of less infection.

I am not happy to admit it but I was right!  They had to cath Brynn today to get the sample and yes, she does have another UTI.  The cathing was terrible.  Because Brynn does have sensation, she can feel the cathing and it is painful!  I felt so bad for her! She is being put on a 14 day antibiotic and then a daily antibiotic to try and ward off infections.

May 21st both Katy and Brynn will have their urodynamics back to back.  Katy's is a yearly check and Brynn's is to check her pressures and see for sure how she empties her bladder.  My gut is after May 21st Brynn will began cathing! 

Before her appointment, Brynn was posing so cute and telling me to take her picture!  Here are the cute pictures in the Doctor's office!

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Kylie's momma said...

Ah poor baby and Mama! Hope the transition goes well. Hugs Sherry!