Friday, March 28, 2014

Christmas in March

Today the girls and I took a day adventure to Frankenmuth.  We ate at Zender's and then spent a couple of hours at Bronner's!  From Bronners we spent a little time at Birch Run Outlet Mall!  We had such a nice day!  Our two hour trip each way was very uneventful which is always nice when traveling!  Brynn proved to be a wonderful car traveler.  She is just so happy to be with her family! 

On note of a praise, I received the call today that Brynn was accepted into Michigan's Services for Special Needs Children.  God is so good to us!  Katy is already in the program and now to have Brynn in is such a blessing!  It helps with what our primary insurance doesn't cover.  It only covers medical services in reference to their spina bifida but with MRI's and Urodynamics, that is a lot of help!



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