Friday, June 6, 2014

Parklicious Day and Down on the Farm

Another beautiful day in the 70's, sunny and a nice breeze!  Just perfect weather.  We spent the morning at the park.  We ate lunch on the deck at home and then in the afternoon went to Calder Dairy Farm.  For dinner we ate on the deck again and did our usual visit to the soccer park with Rosie and I walking two miles and the girls playing on the park equipment.

Down on the farm!


This was my little friend!  He was the sweetest little calf.  I would stick my fingers in his mouth and he would gently suck hoping to get some milk I think.  He would lick my hand too which I am sure he loved the salt.  I could have put him in the car and taken him with them.  Then the thought of a full grown cow in my back yard stopped me from that idea!

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