Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Special Day For Fayth

Today our special Fayth was Dedicated To The Lord!

It is not only a special day for Fayth but for Brusselsprout and I as we make promises to raise Fayth in the ways of the Lord!

Our Pastor does a very meaningful Dedication as well as funny as you can see!

Fayth is Such a Blessing to our lives!  The other night at bed she said to me "Mommy, are you glad you find me in China?  I said, Oh yes, Mommy is glad she found you in China!"  With a big grin she grabs my neck and gives me a big hug and says "Me too, I love you Mommy!"  Now Fayth is only 3 and has a huge concept of what took place in her life!

Fayth received her first Bible, Certificate of Dedication and...

a letter written to her by our Pastor to be opened on her 18th birthday and

a purity ring which Brusslesprout and I will give to her when we feel appropriate.  Fayth is to wear it until her wedding day, when she will return it to Brusselsprout before she walks down the aisle to receive her wedding ring from her husband.  What a beautiful concept!  We just love our church and how very, very hard they work to help us as parents raise Godly children!


Aus said...

A little indoor camping is good for the spirit - and dinner looked great (but I'm with the kids on the tofu part!!)

As for the Special Day - HOORAH!! I had a longesh conversation with our oldest daughter some years ago about the Catholic practice of infant Baptism. Amazing what the kids 'don't learn' about other Faiths today (she was actually raised Catholic and then moved on to the Church of Christ). But somewhere she didn't "get" the lesson about Baptisim (or Dedication in your practice) being not so much about the child as about the parents. It's us coming before our Church and making a public commitment to our Church family and Christ to raise our children as Believers. It's also a prayer for us to have the strength to not falter - and a request from our Church to support us on the mission of teaching Faith to our kids! It's all good - but it's way MORE than just a "blessing" on our children!!

We too love the concept of the ring - that same oldest daughter wore one! ;)

hugs - prayers - welcome Fayth to the 'bigger Family of Believers' - and great joy for y'all!

aus and co.

dhm78 said...

Don and I were both so happy to see your family and little Fayth before the congregation Sunday. We both had tears rolling down our faces as we watched and listened as your sweet family dedicated your daughter to the Lord! It's so good to have you at our church and be a part of watching your girls grow! Anna is enjoying being in Jr. Church with Maylin and Ivy. She said your girls are very kind to her.:)

Warm congratulations and many prayers as you raise you babies in the way of Lord.

God Bless you and love to you all,