Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An AMAZING Program

This evening Mya had her Christmas Program.  It was AMAZING!

The Musical Drama was about a young gentleman that left God and his family!

It was Christmas Eve and he had lost his job, been evicted from his apartment, had no food and no money.

Christmas Eve he ended up at the homeless shelter where his family came to volunteer.

He reconnected with his family and "went home" but he also reconnected with God!  It was such a heart warming story.  The Musical Drama lasted an hour and half and was worth every minute!!!!


dhm78 said...

Sounds like Mya's musical was very good, Sherry. Happy that your family enjoyed it. Mya is growing into a beautiful young lady.


Aus said...

Wonderful story - but I'm also moved to note how mature Mya looks in the pictures - maybe she "gets" the story too - not that much removed from any of our adopted kids lives...

hugs - great joy - aus and co.

tconlan said...

My goodness Sherry, Mya is gorgeous! I've been meaning to tell you how grown up she's looking in your latest photos, an absolute beauty!