Monday, December 10, 2012

Mya'a Meals

Mya is in Home Ec and loves to try on us things that they have made in class.  Sunday for breakfast we were blessed with this:

Along with being cute, the tree was delicious!

For lunch she made these delicious muffins and

wrapped little smokies in bacon and then poured over them a maple, brown sugar mixture.  It was so yummy!  She is going to make some young man happy one day with her great ability to cook!


China Dreams said...

Love the tree. She's very talented :)


dhm78 said...

Yummy! Larry was telling me about the Christmas tree breakfast rolls and that Mya was making lunch! He was all smiles and so proud of his girl!
I thought the same thing, Sherry, how quickly Mya is
growing up and that she will make a young man very happy some day. Just not too soon right?:)

Take care,

Aus said...

Wow - wish we lived closer - I'd invite myself over! ;)

hugs - great stuff young lady -

aus and co.