Monday, December 31, 2012

Fun With Friends For New Year's Eve

For years we have gone back and forth with these friends for New Years celebration.  Sometimes we do it New Year's Day and sometimes New Years Eve.  If we do it on New Years Eve though, we always do it early so we are home before the roads could get scary with folks that have been drinking.  We were going to meet at our house this year but with Brusselsprout being under the weather, we decided to celebrate at their house so when he came home from work, he could go to bed!

I brought dinner with us since it was suppose to be at our house and I was serving!  We had a Mexican menu.

Eleanor provided delicious cookies for dessert!
Charles reading stories to The Littles.  They loved it!
I think their tree is so pretty!
We had such a fun time!  There really isn't a better way to celebrate a new year coming in!

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