Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Brusselsprout has been under the weather so just the girls and I went to church!  The Littles wanted to wear their new outfits from Uncle Blake that they got for Christmas.  I was pretty excited to see them in the outfits so I was all for it!

The Littles love to be cute and they know what cute is all about!

I love the flared bottom pants and

the country look I will call it of the dresses!

Boy did they get the compliments at church!  One of the Ushers told me all the Ushers wait for us to arrive because they love to see how cute "Our Littles"  are dressed.  I think that is a pretty nice compliment!

Speaking of cute though, The Littles received these wings from Uncle Don and Aunt Sue for Christmas.  They LOVE them!!!  They put them on and dance around.  Uncle Don and Aunt Sue sent the most amazing gifts.  You could see the thought Aunt Sue (Uncle Don too but I bet Aunt Sue puts the thoughts together) put into picking out each gift and trying to find something her nieces would really love!!! 
 I just cannot say it enough how amazing Christmas was!

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