Monday, January 14, 2013

New Window Coverings

Now keep in mind that what you are about to see is 10 years old!

Yes, this is pretty scary!  Missing blinds, tore blinds, just plain ugly blinds.
Now I have no idea what happened to me here because this is totally blurry but I am sharing to show you the two sizes of windows I have in the family room and I have a total of four windows plus a sliding glass door.
This is now the smaller of the two windows and like I said, there are two of these.
This is the larger window and there are two of these.  So, the two smaller windows are across from each other in the room and match and the two larger windows are right next to the sliding glass door and match!  I am really pleased with the end results!  The room looks more inviting and friendly to me!

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Aus said...

Looks great - nice work! We're in "painting mode" right now - really changing stuff!

hugs - aus and co.