Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Hope You Dance!

So, I do have pictures of the new window coverings and I do think they look pretty awesome but Fayth out did the window coverings so I will share her today and window coverings tomorrow.

Everybody was being lazy in the family room before church and I just walked in when Fayth said, "Sit down Mommy, I do a recital for everyone!"  She introduced herself with her full name and told us she was in pre-k 4.  Then she began dancing for us.  I was politely watching when Ivy said, "Mom, you should be taking pictures!"  I thought, what is wrong with me, yes I should.  So I grabbed the camera and snapped away.  So, I am sharing pictures of Fayth dancing in her pajamas.



dhm78 said...

Little Fayth can move for sure. Your girls have a lot of energy. Have a great week!

Aus said...

Great moves - and great work on the house and car! We were near 70 yesterday and did the garage and some much neede 'outside' upkeep too!

hugs - aus and co.