Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

Today was a cleaning day!  During the week, we are in and out and really don't have much time but to maintain.  We even cleaned cabinets and everything.  I was soo in the mood and just dug in with full gusto.  I did nitty gritty cleaning and boy does the house show that it was needed.  The house looks great!  Katy did all the cabinet work.  She loves to do that and is so good at organizing.

Mya cleaned my car today.  It was 60 degrees here in Michigan on January 12th.  That has to be a record.  We were out in just long sleeves.  It was a perfect time to get all the salt and road crap off of my car and to clean the inside.  The girls and I went to a self service automatic carwash.  Mya got out and helped me to guide my driver side tires on the ramp so the car could be pulled though the wash.  Between her and I, we got the car all set and we were off into the washing station.  We then came home and Mya cleaned the inside.  My car looks like a new car!

I also went out and bought new window coverings for our family room.  Brusselsprout is putting those up now so hopefully I will have something to show tomorrow.  It has been such a day of cleaning and running errands!  I should sleep good tonight!

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