Monday, January 7, 2013


What does a volunteer look like?  I think it is easy to think it looks like somebody other than ourselves.  Well it must be someone that looks real ambitious or someone that has tons of energy or someone who looks smart or......  We can go on and on about how "I" don't look like a volunteer or how I don't have time to volunteer.  The bottom line is, we can all be volunteers.

I work full time and have been a volunteer for Love Without Boundaries for two years and two months.  I love it!  I am their New Volunteer Coordinator and sometimes I can be very busy but I truly love it.

This past weekend I began another volunteer position.  The month of Jan. I am a Greeter at our church.  At first, I thought it was not a really significant job.  When I stood by the door saying good morning to people or telling them how nice it was to see them, I realized that I was their first impression of our church.  If it was their first time, I was the first thing they saw as they entered the church doors.  My job soon became real important.  I put on my best smile and used my friendliest voice.  I realized for some people, I may be the only smile they see that day or maybe for a few days.  I wanted everyone to feel real special.  I wanted them to see the love of God shining through me!  Most important, I wanted them to feel special at our church and to know that they matter as a person and as a child of God.

I am so glad I jumped out of my comfort zone to be a volunteer?  Is God calling you to volunteer in some way?

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