Friday, February 22, 2013

Heating Up and Going White

I want to start this post by saying thank you for all the posts to the blog and the private e-mails I have received.  Your prayers and support are so special.  Just thank you, thank you!

Poor Fayth was running a fever today.  As kids do, she began running the fever about two hours after going to bed last night.  When ibuprofen is in her, you would never know she is sick but when it runs out, she is really warm.  This picture was taken when she was all heated up right after getting up this morning!

On top of Fayth being sick, we received snow today.  The kids ended up with a storm day so Fayth and I had company home today!

What better to do on a storm day???  Bake cookies!  Ivy and I baked cookies.  Yes, they were the tub kind but none the less still very good!

Help yourself to one if you like!
Please pray for my Dad.  He is back in the hospital with manic symptoms again.  Please pray for Doctor wisdom on how to treat him best!

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