Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Day Filled With Activity

This morning we were off to my girlfriend's house to do lunch and decorate Easter eggs.  We always look forward to this event!  Making eggs beautiful is so much fun!

First we did what is called marble eggs.  You put an egg in a plastic bag, add dye drops(you can use more than one color) and then roll the egg around in the plastic bag to create the "marble" effect.

Next we did glitter eggs!  We modge podged the eggs and then rolled them in glitter. They turn out beautiful!

After this activity and returning home, we went to 5:00 Easter Service.  Our church offered the Saturday night service and then is offering two Sunday morning Easter Services.  I made my Mom's crock pot lasagna recipe and we had a delicious dinner after church.  We will do our big ham dinner tomorrow!

The Littles in their "Easter" best!

All the girls in their "Easter" best.  I think Katy dozed off during the photo:) It was a beautiful day in the high 50's.

Brusselsprout and I even got in on the photos.  That doesn't happen very often!

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