Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Band Extravaganza

This evening Mya, Maylin and Ivy had their spring band concert.  The theme was, "It's A Small World."  It was very well done! Songs were played from all around the world.

Ivy was first out playing two songs on her recorder!


Maylin came out after Ivy and played two songs with the band on her clarinet.  One of the songs was China Suite.


While the songs were being played from around the world, kids walked around in outfits from that country.  While Maylin played the China Suite, Ivy walked around!

Mya came out last to play!

She played the first of three songs with her flute!

Ivy was walking around for the Egyptian song Mya was playing and in this photo she was following a camel!

For the last two songs, Mya played the baritone!

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Aus said...

Tis the time of year for that! This weekend is piano - next month is dance!

hugs - aus and co.