Monday, April 22, 2013

It Is Happening

Do you see what I see on the top picture and the picture below?  It is little buds!  Before our eyes, spring is slowly moving in.  Despite the cold and tons of rain, spring is making it's way!

Look at the pretty flowers that Rosie and I found on our walk too.  A definite sign spring is coming in!

Mya is blowing the grass after mowing the lawn.  It is fashionable now to wear a coat and then shorts.  In my younger years, you only wore shorts if it was hot outside:) Go figure!
On the home selling front, I found out today from our showing yesterday that our home is in the top three choices of the buyers.  They need to make a decision within three weeks.  God willing, it will be our house!  Time will tell!!

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Aus said...

Great stuff - yeah - our kids dress the same way - must be "trendy" or something - I call it cold!! ;)

Good luck with the buyers!!

hugs - aus and co.